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Bboy Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to the art form of bboy dance and culture. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the knowledge of bboying.


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Hello, ive been bboying for quite awhile now, and i study this art form constantly like its my daily agenda.

And for some time, i have realized that alot of new people are coming into the scene, and these new young gunz are getting into a new lifestyle/ culture but not knowing much about the history, pioneers, foundation, and philosophy of this dance. In order to really know the history, you need to carefully study the dance constantly, such as meeting the pioneers face to face on a one on one basis, talk to them, meet other bboys, travel, etc. And ive been doing that for a while now, and im still continuing to do that, because im still a student to this dance.

But for what the culture has given me, i want to pay back respect and contribute as much as i can to give back to the culture with "Each one, Teach one" mentality.

For the past 5 yrs, i have collectively wrote in a diary of all my experiences in bboying, including spiritual philosophy discussions, history, importance of foundation, conversations with pioneers, current political topics in the game nowadays, forms of exercises to keep the body in shape, music, etc.

I want to add some of my journal entries into this wiki, but at the same time anyone can also add/edit anything to spread knowledge.

This wiki is to help you find information anything relevant to the art form of bboy dance and culture.

Such as learning your history where, when, and how this dance came to be.

What is the meaning of Foundation.

Who are the pioneers of this dance and what have they contributed to the culture

Music genres, philosophy / political debate topics, etc.

Hopefully this will be a educational benefit towards anyone who's willing to learn more about this culture.