The Rock Steady Crew:

  1. [1]('81)Richard "Crazy Legs" Colon: (Puerto Rican-Mexican) The leader and founder of the Manhatten sector of the MRSC. Raised by his paternal grandmother alongside his Half-brother Dylan, Richard is an ambitous young man who is very passionate about breaking. (M)
  2. [3]('81)Dylan "Kuriaki" Colon: (Puerto Rican) Richard's younger half-brother, the 2nd member to join the MRSC. (L)
  3. [5]('81)Kenneth "Prince Ken Swift" Gabbert: (Ecuadorian) A rival turned friend of Richard and the 5th member of the MRSC. (D)
  4. [9]('81)William "Devious Doze" Suarez: (Puerto Rican) Richard, Dylan, and Daisy's childhood friend and nieghbor, the 3th member to join MRSC. (L)
  5. [11]('81)Daisy "Baby Love" Castro: (AfroPuerto Rican) Richard's younger neighbor, the 4th and youngest member to join MRSC. (D)
  6. [4]('82)Jullian "Buck 4" Costa: (Mexican/ltalian) The 6th member to join the MRSC (L)
  7. [2]('82)Emillia "Chinadoll" Castro: (Puerto Rican/Italian) (L)
  8. [7]('83)Linda "Bonita" Rios: (AfroDominican) (D)
  9. [6]('83) Josephine "JoJo" Velazquez: (Mexican) (D)
  10. [8]('83)Camilla "Toxic" Beake: (Ecuadorian) (M)